complete in the individual parts

A Run of all the Holmes Stories in the Strand Magazines

Doyle, Conan

(London and NY, 1891–1927)

75 vols. 1st editions. The 1st appearances anywhere, in the original monthly parts, of the Adventures, Memoirs, Hound (Hound is the NY issue, but all the rest are the London issue), Return, Valley, Last Bow, and Casebook, being all 56 Holmes and Watson short stories that Doyle ever wrote, and the 2 novels that were published in these magazines (only A Study in Scarlet and The Sign of Four were not published in The Strands). Small chips and tears and minor repairs, half the blue spines faded, else very good, and most crucially, it’s all here. And so rare, the only complete set I’ve seen for sale in my 35 years of looking. 75 vols.


Sherlock Holmes is the most durable, and the most universally famous character in all of literature, and the stories are pure stardust that let you think like a genius for an hour, the morphine drip of impeccably conceived, mind expanding detective fiction, and they are the most imitated, parodied and adapted works in the English language.

The first modern media spectacle (and the model for all that followed) exploded when these Strands were issued. Long queues stretched for blocks at newsstands on the days that each was published. Yet, despite those sales, sets of them in wrappers are now of the utmost rarity, but in reverse of the chronology. The Adventures and Memoirs are seen occasionally, but these sets are 100 times rarer in wrappers than when they’ve been bound up, or in the annual Strand collected clothbound form that is so often seen, or the later cloth 1st editions. The Hound is 5 times scarcer again than The Adventures or Memoirs and the same proportions hold true for its relative scarcity over the bound Strands or the clothbound 1st edition. The Return is rarer still, on all counts. A complete Valley of Fear, in wrappers, is geometrically less obtainable than its predecessors, and runs of His Last Bow and Casebook, might as well be impossible. In fact, your hopes for finding any of the last 3 belong in the morgue, as few booksellers, collectors or librarians, have ever seen even 1 set of them for sale, at any price, in any condition.