winner of the 2005 Nobel Prize for literature

The Birthday Party

Pinter, Harold

(London [Encore], 1959)

1st edition (precedes all others). The Nobel laureate’s first book. Wrappers, near fine. Presentation copy inscribed to his wife, signed “D” (for his stage name, David Baron) and dated Dec. 1959. The dedication was not confirmed in type, that is, actually spelled out in a published (printed) publication until the 1961 American edition, but this is it, the best copy in the world. I’m thinking that it would be hard to imagine any copy, of any book, being more important to Pinter himself.


Goldberg: When did you come to this place?
Stanley: Last year.
Goldberg: Where did you come from?
Stanley: Somewhere else.
Goldberg: Why did you come here?
Stanley: My feet hurt!