Injun and Whitey. William S. Hart.

Injun and Whitey

New York: The Britton Publishing Co., 1919. First Edition. 1st edition of the first novel by Hollywood’s first Western movie star. Our Britton Co. edition precedes both the Haughton–Mifflin edition (1920) and the one by Grosset & Dunlap. Near fine in a very good dustjacket, nice looking, and plenty scarce. The jacket is probably in its only state, with no other state of it recorded, despite there being a front flap ad implying either simultaneous or pending publication of the sequel, Injun and Whitey Strike Out for Themselves, which the short–lived Britton Co. had the rights to publish, and planned to publish, but I’ve never seen a copy with Britton’s imprint and I doubt they ever did produce it (Haughton–Mifflin published it in 1921). That’s my theory, and when a theory fits all the known facts it has merit, but all reasonable conjectures must be tested before they can be be accepted as true, or in this case, confirmed by evidence to be accepted as a fact, and I have not found proof, nor have I found a credible way to go after proof that would require less than $800 of my time. If I am wrong, there will be an anodyne Biblioctopus “product recall.” If I am right, $800 is a bargain. Near fine / very good. Item #27

In the very earliest days of American cinema there were Westerns, and they evolved to where there were many magnificent films, and we all know which ones they were, from Tumbleweeds (1925) to Rango (2011). Then there were the others, celluloid monuments to public patience. It isn’t like if you’ve seen one you’ve seen them all, it’s more like if you’ve seen them all, you feel like you’ve seen one. In the ongoing effort to build a library, you are going to want friends, because friends will make the process less subjective. And you are going to want quality, because quality will make you happy, so here’s the 5th rule of book collecting. Judge the friends you would make with a genial and patient sympathy, and judge the books you would buy with a godlike and superior impartiality (Book Code).

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