Vintage Poster from The Perils of Pauline. Charles Goddard.

Vintage Poster from The Perils of Pauline

Chicago: United States Printing and Lithograph Co., 1914. Striking color pictorial one sheet, 41” X 27” (lithograph). A classic of cinema incunabula, from the original serial by Charles Goddard for the Eclectic Film Co. (episode 4). Little specks of wear and rubbing restored, near fine, neatly backed. Framed. Rarer than an honest movie trailer, especially when compared to posters from the talking pictures era. My tracking of posters is imprecise but I found 3 Perils of Pauline one sheet auction records from Christie’s long ago (random, from among 20 serial episodes, each with a different image), $6,600 in 1992, $8,000 in 1995, and $7,500 in 1996. Ex–Camden House, 1985 (their grade was “condition A”). Near fine. Item #318

Pauline (Pearl White) evades attempts on her life by pirates, rats, Indians, gypsies, sharks and her dastardly guardian Her most symbolic plight is being tied to railroad tracks in front of a rapidly approaching train. The upcoming 21st century sequel, with a plot that turns towards realism, finds a periled Pauline giving her Visa number, expiration date, billing address, and social security number to 15 different, now defunct and desperate dot–coms. And speaking of modern movements in the 21st century, as the adverse dominates movies, artists across American feed on the new economy and rape the new culture with their own movement for film, theater, literature, music, sculpture, paper, and canvas, begging to be called 21st century depressionism.

Price: $7,500.00

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