Gilgamesh [Manuscript in Cuneiform]. Anonymous.

Gilgamesh [Manuscript in Cuneiform]

Mesopotamia: c1400 B.C. A large fragment (74 lines) of Gilgamesh, the earliest known epic in the history of man, a heroic adventure set in antiquity. Mid Babylonian baked clay tablet (6 1/4” X 4 3/4”), with portions of 2 columns, starting and ending with Enkidu and Shamhat (the cultic prostitute) and with a critically important section in between wherein Gilgamesh recounts his dreams to his mother (“...the stars of the heavens [collected together], a piece of the sky fell to me...”). The writing is sharp and clear with almost no wear, exceptional for such a venerable survivor. Harmonious with the earliest known epic is the fine cuneiform in which it is written, the earliest known form of writing, capturing the mind and the hand of man stretching across the eons for 3,400 years. Rare. 30 total fragments are recorded including this one (5 in private hands) from the old and mid Babylonian (1800–1000 B.C.) period (none earlier), most much smaller than this one and none replicating our text (this precise reading is on no earlier, or concurrent, tablet known). Historic. Iconic. Clear translation and unambiguous authentication included. Provenance is clean (the last 25 years with 1 previous U. S. owner). Ok. Close your eyes, find your center, feel your feet on the ground, smudge yourself with sage, and bask in the reflected glory, here is the first heartbeat of any literature collection. Very good. Item #323

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