Glass Seal. Antique, Louis Tiffany.
Glass Seal

Glass Seal

New York: Tiffany & Co., c1900. Tiffany Studios, favrile (iridescent) glass seal (1 1/8” X 5/8”) for imprinting in wax. Original engraved monogram, probably a stylized “N” or an even more stylized “M” (see picture above). Fine, intact, and never repaired. Characteristically colorful (Tiffany devised favrile glass) and with an ergonomic feel in the hand typical of practical objects from this studio in that time. Fine. Item #419

Louis Comfort Tiffany (son of the company’s founder Charles Tiffany) was a prodigy, an artist focused mainly on interiors, and especially enamored with stained glass. He ranks prominently among a small guild of a dozen or so genii at the zenith of design innovation, along with the likes of Charles Worth (creator of the couture salon), Jules Chéret (originator of the color lithograph poster), William Morris (arts and crafts), Pablo Picasso (fine art), René Lalique (art deco glass), Georges Claude (commercial neon), Walter Gropius (modernism), Harley Earl (the General Motors dream car), Kelly Johnson (exotic aircraft), Steve Jobs (personal tech), and Frank Gehry (curvy architecture).

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