Item #424 Die-Faced Tenner. Banksy.

Die-Faced Tenner

Np: [Pictures On Walls?], 2004. Whimsical 10 pound British note (5 5/8” X 3”). Offset lithograph in colors, on currency paper. The recto headed “Banksy of England” (thus signed in the image by default), below it the words “I Promise to Pay the Bearer on Demand the Ultimate Price” and below that a portrait of Princess Diana (celebrity in the Social Media age is measured by the number and rapaciousness of a person’s parasites). The verso has Darwin’s portrait, above the words, “Trust No One.” Fine. The last auction sale I saw for one as fine as ours was $1,625 (HA 16159, lot 43019, Oct. 7, 2020). Fine. Item #424

Northanger Abbey parodies Gothic novels, while Persuasion is about loneliness. I’ll praise and berate the Gothic another time, but in good news for the lonely, scientists report that they are developing a pill to cure the despair of romantic isolation, unaware that we already have one called a Cinnabon.

Price: $750.00

Item Sold

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