The Chase of the Golden Meteor. Jules Verne.
The Chase of the Golden Meteor

The Chase of the Golden Meteor

London: Richards, 1909 (1908). First Edition. Hardcover. 1st edition in English. Original blue cloth (the hottest stars are blue). Fine. Fine. Item #499

The plot is Verne’s take on H. G. Wells’ In the Days of the Comet (1904) and this edition of it has never been scarce, even when it’s fine. Right now there are 20 copies in cloth for sale, with fine ones at $500 to $800, verifying that sellers can’t find buyers at those prices (obstinate sellers, cautious buyers), and the only way seller and buyer can defeat this kind of inertia, is to unite at a fair price in a market driven alliance of reason. So seek union but don’t support irrationality, and hide your frustration, since it will do you no lasting good to call out a stubborn bookseller and tell him, or her, “your end of the boat is sinking” (Book Code).

Price: $500.00

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