Item #849 Photograph, signed. Carrie Fisher.

Photograph, signed

LUCAS Films, 1983. Sensational, original, presentation, color photograph (20” X 16”) of Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia, in her gold bikini slave costume from Star Wars VI (Return of the Jedi). Boldly inscribed, in black ink, to (the infamously nefarious) Dr. Arnold Klein, “For my own crazy. Who loves you darling [?] Guess again. Princess Leia. Opiates for sure.” With the original hologram sticker (“Officially Licensed Star Wars Photograph”) in the lower left–hand corner. Several lines of emulsion flaking, else very good. Framed. Very good. Item #849

Carrie Fisher was a great lady from many points of view, but anyone who knew her, or knows about her, understands the magnitude of this association, and the significance of her inscription’s reference to opiates. One might rank a different, imaginary association copy higher, but this one is as great as any, and it’s not imaginary, it’s for sale. Her Princess Leia is one of the worldwide, magnetic babe fantasies. And speaking of babes, when we do employment interviews at Biblioctopus, we give the women a bite–sized Snickers. If they unwrap it and eat it, we hire them as catalogers. If they eat it with the wrapper still on it, we hire them for security.

Price: $2,000.00

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