The Interpretation of Dreams. Sigmund Freud.

The Interpretation of Dreams

London: George Allen, 1913. First Edition. Cloth. 1st edition in English, the scarce 1st state, and also the 1st issue. But why is it the 1st state? Let’s snuggle up against the bibliography without falling into it. All the 1st edition sheets were printed in England, but only a small fraction of them were issued there with an integral London (George Allen) title page. Almost all of the sheets were sent to the U. S. for the New York (1st American) edition, and they were issued there with a cancel title page, followed by copies with an integral title (likely a case of initially printing a title page to be tipped in as a cancel, and then printing a single sheet bifolium which was sewn in for the integral title page, but not reprinting the text, that came even later). Exact publication dates are not known but the London edition is, inarguably, the 1st state with its integral London title page, exactly as the book was 1st printed. It precedes, the NY edition, probably by a week, or 2. And besides it being the primary edition, it’s 20 times (40 times?) scarcer than the NY edition, of which there are always copies for sale, mostly because the London issue was reserved for, and only sold to, “the medical, scholastic, legal, and clerical professions” and never sold to the public, and a printed publisher’s note, tipped–in to all copies (present in our copy, missing in others) ratifies this. For contrast, ABPC records 8 copies of the NY issue sold at auction since the mid–1970s, against no copies of this London issue. Original cloth, not known by me to exist in, or have been issued in, a dustjacket. 3 faint spots to the cloth, spine faded a shade darker, first and last few leaves foxed, else near fine (see photograph). Want more? It’s a superb association copy. Ex–Dr. Alan W. Tyson, eminent psychiatrist, assistant editor of Freud’s Works, and the translator of 3 of Freud’s books, as well as 3 of his clinical papers. Our copy has 6 pages of Tyson’s apt, closely written, pencil notes on the 4 rear blanks and endpapers, the notes themselves a dissection of the text as earnest as any published. Near fine. Item #9

Incorrect attributions of priority for the NY edition follow a simple minded projection from insufficient data; that because the translation, was done by an American (A. A. Brill) the N. Y. issue must precede, another case of convenient erroneous conclusions (bikinis cause hot weather, or spoons make you fat) here drawn from the guesses of expediency, motivated by either materialism (given that it is the NY edition that booksellers always have in hand to sell), or an inability (moral exhaustion?) to be honestly discerning (like having garbage can security judged by raccoons, or tennis ball inflation judged by Golden Retrievers). But our book is the genuine article, and comparing this London edition to the New York edition is like comparing a peach, to peach scented room freshener. And here’s a social warning. “Let me tell you about my dream last night…” is, at all times, an introduction that calls for the interjection, “Hold it right there!”.

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